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Bug Tracking

Bug/defect tracking is the process of finding bugs (defects, problems, ...) in a product. Bugs are found by inspecting code, testing the product, or obtaining feedback from customers. Once defects are fixed, new versions of the product are created and verified to ensure that the bugs have been corrected and no new ones have been introduced.

Defect tracking is important since complex software products can have tens of thousands of defects (or possibly more). Managing, evaluating and prioritizing these defects is a time consuming task. To help with this task, development teams use bug tracking software (defect tracking systems) which are database systems that store defects and help team members manage issues (including suggested enhancements).

Change Management

Change management is the process, tools and techniques to manage changes during the development process. It is a systematic approach to keeping track of the details of the project.

Change management implies defining and implementing procedures and/or technologies to deal with changes in the development and associated business environment.

Change management incorporates the tools that can be utilized to help team members make successful transitions resulting in the adoption and realization of the change.